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New/Returning/Transferring On-Ice Official Registration

District B Officials’ Association (DBOA)

Note: As you read the materials, please note that a willingness to attend the HEO Referee School will not guarantee you a position on the association’s roster.


With membership of over 130 officials. DBOA offers a comprehensive program that allows each official to develop quickly through both on-ice experience and off-ice instruction. The following information is provided to support your decision-making process on whether to join the DBOA.

Who should be applying as a new On-Ice Official with DBOA?

A prospective on-ice Official should apply as a new on-ice official if they are:

  • A first year on-ice official (i.e., someone who has never officiated minor ice hockey before.)
  • An on-ice official who previously officiated in DBOA, another Member Branch, District or Association but has been inactive and does NOT have the permission of the Referee-in-Chief to register as a returning official.

Who should be applying as a returning/transferring On-Ice Official with DBOA?

A prospective on-ice official should apply as a returning/transferring on-ice official if they are:

  • An on-ice official who was certified last season, but worked in another Member Branch, District or Association.
  • An on-ice official who previously officiated but has been inactive for an extended period.

Are there any specific criteria or requirements?

The minimum age of a new On-Ice Official in DBOA is 13.   

Officiating in DBOA requires a great deal of time and flexibility. Players at the Competitive level may not be suited for this due to the time commitments required by their respective teams.

Candidates who are also players, and who have a known history of verbally abusing officials; will not be considered. Additionally, players known to have a history of incurring playing suspensions will also be turned down as rules dictate that players, while under suspension are not eligible to officiate. These cases will be examined on a case-by-case basis by the Referee-in-Chief.

Am I guaranteed a spot on the roster as an on-ice official?

No. All new prospective officials are immediately placed on a waiting list. This waiting list is a list of candidates; it is not a priority list as new officials are selected based on the needs of the Association. For example, if the Association needs to fill holes at the U18 level, a 24-year-old prospect is likely to get the nod over a 15-year-old as they stand a better chance of fulfilling the immediate needs of the Association at the U18 level than a 15-year-old through rapid development.

When will I learn if I have been granted a spot?

The Referee-in-Chief will make every possible effort to notify all successful candidates of their acceptance in late July via e-mail, mail or by phone. If you are not contacted, then your application for the coming season was unsuccessful, most likely due to the number of openings. All unsuccessful candidates are encouraged to try again next year.

The July notification date allows for:

  • The Referee-in-Chief to determine who is returning from the previous season. All officials in good standing that worked the previous season for the DBOA are automatically guaranteed a position for the upcoming season.
  • To allowing for a determination of the number of officials required.
  • To determine the number of new officials that can be trained and receive the required development support.

What training is required?

All new officials are required to take a Hockey Canada certification clinic. These clinics are one half-day in length plus one four-hour online course. Attendance is MANDATORY in order to officiate.  If DBOA commits to you to join our roster, you will be notified of clinic dates well in advance of it occurring.

What is the recruiting policy for prospective new DBOA Officials?

The Referee-in-Chief of DBOA is responsible for the recruiting, training, and development of all duly registered on-ice officials within District B. However, the Referee-in-Chief of DBOA is under no obligation to recruit and/or use any official who obtains certification (training as noted above) without first approaching and obtaining the permission of the DBOA Referee-in-Chief beforehand.

Application Process

  • Please click on the appropriate application/form link below and complete the associated form.
  • You may be contacted for an interview.
  • Based on number of applicants and ice availability, there may be a skating test involved to assess your skating abilities.


NEW On-Ice Official Application: CLOSED

***New On-Ice Official applications for the 2023/2024 season will be accepted until 1 May 2023***



Returning/Transferring Form


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