Lots of “First’s” to start the year!

As with every season, first year officials jump on the ice for the very first time with their mentor and a senior official to experience a novice or atom hockey game. It is an exciting time, yet a lot of nerves and pressures.

Well the same thing occurs in year two when officials wear the bands for their first time, except with no mentor following them around the ice! There is much more pressure leading the game as the head referee, but the experience is one should never turn away.

On October 21st, we had a crew consisting of Hailey Perreault, Ryan MacPherson, and Don Stewart. What was so special about this crew? Don having years of experience, and as well as being a supervisor, was the only one of the 3 to ever wear the bands! For Ryan and Hailey were both about the experience their first games as the head ref. Ryan worked the 4pm Peewee B game, while Hailey did the 5pm Peewee C game.

Hailey on her first game called a too many players on the ice call, and Ryan demonstrated excellent positioning in the end zone.

“I thought my first game went really well. It was nice knowing I had the support of my partners and supervisors in attendance” says Hailey. “I like reffing because it’s a great way to stay involved in hockey now that I’ve graduated out of minor hockey.”

“I love reffing because I have played hockey since I was four and love being out on the ice, whether as a player or an official. Its a great way for me to stay involved in something I truly enjoy” mentioned Ryan. “I really enjoyed my first game. I liked it more than doing lines because it is a lot more skating and you are (almost) always moving. I was a little nervous at the start of the game, but as the game progressed I became more comfortable with the positioning.”

These two officials were in great hands with Don on the lines. Don brought a wealth of knowledge and helpful hints for the two rookie referee’s throughout the game.

Great work everyone!

2 Comments on “Lots of “First’s” to start the year!

  1. Great job Hailey and Ryan for your firsts, and to Don too for being the voice of experience!!!


  2. Thanks for the article. Don is a great mentor. Glad to see Ryan and Hailey developing.


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